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Starry Nights in Jasper

Night Sky Preserve

Michael Har­ris got it right when he com­pared Jasper’s night skies to Van Gogh’s Starry Nights.

IJune Moon over Patricia LakeJune Moon over Patri­cia Lake took this photo in late June. It was almost mid­night yet still bright out. You sure do get your money’s worth when you vaca­tion in Jasper. Every day is like almost 2 days any­where else with all the day­light this beau­ti­ful North­ern Rock­ies park enjoys.

In the sum­mer, you have to be pretty patient, wait­ing for the dark skies to arrive. But, when they do, the show is amazing.

If you’re lucky enough to own an iPad, be sure to install GoSky­Watch Plan­e­tar­ium for iPad — the astron­omy star guide. It’s an incred­i­ble teach­ing tool for zoom­ing in on & iden­ti­fy­ing constellations.


Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Mag­i­cal Jasper

What is it about rain­bows that makes peo­ple stop in their tracks? One thing is for sure, top off a raft trip with a rain­bow at the very end and you’ll know you’re sure not in Kansas anymore!

Talbot Lake

30 x 30 Nature Challenge

David SuzukiThe David Suzuki Foun­da­tion pub­lishes great arti­cles about how to improve your well-being. One recent arti­cle about stress reminded us about how lucky we are as raft guides to be work­ing in the great outdoors.

Did you know that “sit­ting is the smok­ing of our gen­er­a­tion,” accord­ing to some recent stud­ies? Long hours at sit-down jobs and school is dam­ag­ing our health. But, par­don the pun, you don’t have to take this bad news sit­ting down.

You can greatly relieve stress lev­els by com­mit­ting to add nature back into your daily rou­tine. David Suzuki has a great chal­lenge that will actu­ally help you intro­duce activ­ity in nature. It’s called the 30 x 30 Chal­lenge.

When you sign up for the chal­lenge, you get the sup­port of the Suzuki Foun­da­tion in help­ing to moti­vate you and your fam­ily by shar­ing your diary of activ­i­ties, sub­mit­ting your pho­tos & shar­ing great tips for inspiration.

We’re pretty lucky in Jasper because we’re sur­rounded by nature, bike paths, hik­ing trails, rivers, Mar­mot Basin Ski Hill and a com­mu­nity that is com­mit­ted to an active lifestyle. But, if you take the 30 x 30 chal­lenge, chance are that you’ll dis­cover loads of nature’s gems in your own community.

Have fun!

alberta icefields parkway

Alberta Will Capture Your Heart

This video tells the story of the many peo­ple who have made Jasper their new home. They may have come here to work a sea­son but the deci­sion to stay a life­time was easy. One thing we know for cer­tain is that, even if you decide to visit for a hol­i­day, we know you’ll want to plan to return.

The video begins at Spirit Island on Maligne Lake . You’ll see this mag­i­cal place reap­pear through­out the video as well as other trea­sures of Jasper National Park.

See for your­self &

Remem­ber to Breathe!

Snow covered Athabasca river banks

2013 Rafting Season Just Around the Bend

Landing at Old Fort Point

Land­ing at Old Fort Point

Just because there’s a lit­tle snow on the ground and maybe even some ice on the river, doesn’t mean we can’t go rafting.

We’re Cana­dian, eh?

And we’re get­ting pretty pumped that the 2013 raft­ing sea­son is approaching.

We’ll keep you posted about open­ing day.